Top 10 Big Data Analytics Healthcare Companies in 2023

Big data analytics refers to the process of collecting, organizing and analyzing large sets of data to uncover patterns, trends and associations.

 In healthcare, big data analytics is being used to derive insights from the vast amounts of data generated by patients, hospitals, labs, medical devices and more.

Top 10 Big Data Analytics Healthcare Companies in 2023

Some examples of big data analytics in healthcare include:
  • Analyzing patient records and lab results over time to identify risk factors for diseases or determine the most effective treatments

  • Processing data from wearables and remote monitoring devices to customize care plans and enable early intervention

  • Reviewing patient feedback and satisfaction scores to improve quality of care and service

  • Combining research data sets and clinical trial data to accelerate drug development and treatment discoveries

  • Identifying fraud and billing anomalies in claims data

  • Predicting patient volume and resource needs to optimize staffing and inventory

Big data analytics holds great promise for improving patient outcomes, reducing costs and advancing precision medicine. However, healthcare organizations face challenges in terms of data integration, talent shortages, privacy regulations and more. As a result, many rely on specialized big data analytics companies to help them tap into their data's potential.

Overview of Big Data Analytics Companies in Healthcare

There are a growing number of companies offering big data analytics solutions tailored for healthcare needs. These companies help provider organizations, payers, pharmaceutical companies and others manage their data and gain actionable insights from it. Capabilities offered include data warehousing, analytics modeling, visualization tools, AI/machine learning applications and more.

Some of the top capabilities offered by big data analytics companies in healthcare include:

  • Data Integration - Combining disparate data sources into organized data lakes and warehouses

  • Predictive Analytics - Identifying trends and patterns to make predictions about health risks, readmissions, patient volume etc.

  • Care Optimization - Pinpointing areas for improving quality and efficiency in care delivery

  • Patient Risk Stratification - Segmenting patients into risk categories to guide interventions

  • Population Health Management - Coordinating care across patient populations to improve outcomes

  • Clinical Decision Support - Providing data-driven recommendations to inform decision making

  • Natural Language Processing - Extracting insights from unstructured physician notes and text data

Leading big data companies are heavily investing in next-gen technologies like AI/machine learning, real-time analytics and blockchain to help healthcare organizations leverage big data analytics to its full potential. When evaluating solutions, key criteria include flexibility, scalability, security and compliance capabilities.

What are the Benefits of Big Data Analytics in Healthcare?

There are many ways healthcare organizations can benefit from big data analytics:

  • Improved Patient Outcomes - Identifying high-risk patients earlier and enabling timely interventions based on data insights.

  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency - Optimizing resource allocation, staffing models and inventory management through data modeling.

  • Reduced Costs - Decreasing readmissions, avoiding unnecessary tests and identifying fraud through pattern recognition.

  • Accelerated Research - Uncovering associations in clinical research data that can inform new treatment options.

  • Personalized Medicine - Leveraging patient data to provide customized treatment plans and precision interventions.

  • Improved Patient Satisfaction - Using patient feedback and preferences to improve quality of service and care experiences.

  • Better Clinical Decision Making - Enabling data-driven recommendations at the point of care through clinical decision support systems.

Overall, big data analytics can transform raw data into meaningful insights to drive improvements in quality of care, patient outcomes and financial performance. Partnering with specialized big data companies allows healthcare organizations to tap into advanced analytics capabilities and technologies to maximize their return on data.

Top 10 Big Data Analytics Companies in Healthcare to Watch Out for in 2023

  1. Cerner 

Carner is a leading provider of digital health solutions and services for hospitals, health systems and care facilities worldwide. Its Health Data and Analytics offerings leverage data and AI to uncover insights that can optimize operations, lower costs and enable value-based care delivery. Key solutions include:

  • HealtheDataLabTM - A cloud-based platform to aggregate, transform and analyze data.

  • Cerner HealtheIntent® - A population health management platform providing patient stratification, risk scoring and care coordination.

  • Cerner Lights On Network® - A global data network connecting disparate systems to enable real-time data access.

With 40 years of experience in healthcare IT and operations, Cerner is well-positioned to help clients navigate their big data analytics journey with an outcomes-driven approach.

2. Optum

Optum is a leading health services company and part of UnitedHealth Group's enterprise. OptumLabs offers advanced analytics, research and innovation capabilities leveraging insights from over 150 million de-identified patient records. Solutions include:

  • Optum OneTM - An enterprise analytics platform integrating data across domains to power AI and advanced analytics.

  • Optum Healthcare Analytics - Analytics applications for revenue cycle, operations, network management and more.

  • Optum Research - Analytics services to support clinical trials, observational studies and health economics research.

With its extensive real-world data assets and analytics expertise, Optum helps clients transform insights into improved performance across the health system.

3. IBM

IBM Watson Health offers leading data and analytics solutions tailored for the healthcare industry. Powerful cognitive capabilities like natural language processing and machine learning are applied to derive value from complex health data. Offerings include:

  • IBM Explorys - A cloud platform unlocking insights from integrated clinical, claims and operational data.

  • IBM Micromedex - Providing evidence-based clinical decision support content and solutions.

  • IBM MarketScan - Analytics leveraging robust claims data on treatments, outcomes and costs.

With decades of experience working with top health systems, payers and life sciences companies, IBM Watson Health brings together deep domain expertise with leading analytics technologies.

4. SAS 

SAS is a recognized leader in analytics software and services, including specialized solutions for the healthcare industry. Key offerings include:

  • SAS® Analytics for Health Care - Advanced analytics and AI to derive insights from EHRs and claims data.

  • SAS® Life Science Analytics Framework - End-to-end analytics for clinical trials and drug safety surveillance.

  • SAS® Health Care Provider Solutions - Optimizing operations and enabling value-based care strategies.

With 40+ years of experience, SAS leverages innovative technologies like AI, machine learning and NLP to help healthcare organizations tap into the power of their data.

5. Inovalon

Inovalon is a leading provider of cloud-based data analytics and intervention platforms empowering data-driven healthcare. Key solutions include:

  • Inovalon ONE® Platform - Integrates real-time data to enable advanced analytics and drive personalized interventions.

  • Medical Decision Support - NLP and analytics to provide patient-specific guidance at the point of care.

  • Data-Driven Interventions - Leveraging analytics insights to inform outreach campaigns improving quality and economics.

With innovative cloud-native capabilities, Inovalon brings together expansive data sets, advanced analytics and data-driven engagement tools to enable more informed, timely and impactful healthcare.

6. Allscripts

Allscripts offers a range of healthcare IT solutions including advanced data and analytics capabilities. Offerings include:

  • Allscripts SunriseTM - Integrates predictive analytics tools into the EHR workflow.

  • Allscripts dbMotionTM - Interoperability platform enabling health data exchange and analysis.

  • Allscripts AvenelTM - Analytics applications for financial management, operational improvement and more.

With decades of health IT experience and analytics focused on enhancing clinician workflows, Allscripts helps healthcare organizations extract value from their data.

7. Health Catalyst

Health Catalyst is a leading provider of data and analytics solutions, with a healthcare enterprise data warehouse at the core of its offerings. Key solutions include:

  • Health Catalyst® DOS - A cloud-based data operating system integrating and analyzing data.

  • Health Catalyst® Analytics Applications - Prebuilt analytics apps and dashboards for clinical, financial and operational insights.

  • Health Catalyst® Professional Services - Expert resources to optimize analytics impact and data literacy.

With a robust analytics platform and deep healthcare expertise, Health Catalyst partners with clients to accelerate their data-informed transformation.

8. MedeAnalytics

MedeAnalytics offers advanced analytics solutions tailored for healthcare needs. Capabilities include:

  • MedeAnalytics VitalTM - A cloud analytics platform turning data into actionable insights.

  • MedeAnalytics Impact ProgramsTM - Expert-led services guiding clients through analytics adoption.

  • MedeAnalytics Intelligent Healthcare Applications - Prebuilt analytics apps for clinical and financial performance.

With decades of focus on healthcare analytics and performance improvement, MedeAnalytics combines cutting-edge technology with hands-on client engagement and support.

9. HealthVerity

HealthVerity is a leader in privacy-protected data exchange, licensing and analytics for healthcare and life sciences. Capabilities include:

  • HealthVerity Marketplace - Cloud-based exchange enabling access to real-world data.

  • HealthVerity Analytics - Platform for discovering patient insights while maintaining privacy.

  • HealthVerity Link - Technology to accurately match patient data across datasets.

With specialized expertise in healthcare data management, HealthVerity helps clients discover insights and accelerate research while protecting patient privacy.

10. Flatiron Health

Flatiron Health is a healthcare technology and services company focused on accelerating cancer research and improving patient care. Capabilities include:

  • Flatiron Network - Aggregates real-world oncology data to power analytics and research.

  • Flatiron Evidence - Real-world data and analytics platform for life sciences.

  • Flatiron Health - EHR and practice management software for community oncology practices.

By unlocking insights from integrated clinical, patient- and research data, Flatiron enables more personalized treatment decisions and accelerated development of breakthrough therapies for cancer patients.


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